Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shigella outbreak in Onondaga County continues to grow

The number of cases in the outbreak of the gastrointestinal disease, shigellosis, in the Central New York area continues to rise according to health officials.

In an statement to Food Safety News Thursday, officials with the Onondaga County Health Department in Syracuse said the number of cases is now 45, up from 25 reported on June 22.

They go on to say, "This includes confirmed, probable, and what New York State Department of Health is considering suspect (cases).”

The source of the outbreak is still unknown and the investigation into the outbreak is ongoing.

What is Shigellosis?

It is an acute bacterial disease of the intestines caused by several species of the bacterium, Shigella. It is typified by loose stools, frequently containing blood and mucus (dysentery), accompanied by fever, vomiting, cramps and occasionally toxemia. Read More