Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scot Swept Away While Tubing In Canada

Police in Canada are searching for a Briton believed to have been swept to his death over waterfalls in British Columbia in an incident in which two others died.

The 50-year-old man from Scotland, who has not been named, is thought to have tumbled over a set of falls on the Kettle River near Grand Forks.

The bodies of a local couple in their 70s, who were sharing a small inflatable dinghy, have been recovered from the water.

They have been identified by the British Columbia Coroners Service as Ronald Legare, 74, and his wife Jacqueline Jean Legare, 71, according to CBC News.

A search for the Scot is ongoing but local police say he is presumed to have drowned following the incident on Saturday.

Police believe the three were in a family group of around 13 people. It is thought they were tubing along the river and were swept away after missing the safe place to stop.

The Scottish man's 16-year-old son apparently swam to the shore and raced along the river bank in a bid to catch his father before they disappeared. Read More