Thursday, July 26, 2012

RAF fighter jet scrambled after air traffic controllers lose contact with Thomas Cook airliner carrying hundreds of tourists

An RAF fighter jet tasked to defend the Olympics against terror attack was scrambled for the first time today to intercept a passenger plane.

The Typhoon roared into the skies from RAF Northolt in north west London after air traffic controllers lost contact with a commercial airliner carrying hundreds of holidaymakers.

A second RAF warplane was kept on standby on the runway.

The Thomas Cook scheduled flight, travelling from Tunisia to Glasgow, sparked the emergency call-out shortly before 11.30am.

The plane lost communications with the aviation authorities as it headed north over the French coastline.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: 'We can confirm that one Typhoon launched. This was in response to a commercial aircraft that was out of communication with air traffic control services.

'Communications were quickly restored; no further action was required.' Read More