Sunday, July 8, 2012

PYTHON Slipped into crib and tried to and Attacked Baby

A baby from Matoon, Illinois, narrowly escaped death after being attacked by a neighbor's two-foot-long python that slithered into his crib.

William Winans, who celebrated his first birthday this week, was treated for bites and bruise marks and is doing well, his father, Devin Winans, told ABC News.

‘If the snake had wrapped around his neck, honestly, we probably would not be having his birthday today,’ Winans said.

At around 11pm on Monday, Winans said he heard his son crying and went to check on him. When the concerned dad felt around the toddler’s crib, he said he felt something ‘slimy.’

‘I immediately turned the light on and saw the snake, a ball python wrapped around his foot, constricting it and trying to eat his foot,’ Mr Winans recalled.
The father used a blanket to yank the snake off his son’s tiny foot and turned the animal over to the Coles County Animal Shelter. Read More