Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peter Lizon: Husband denies claims he 'kept wife enslaved in chains for ten years forcing her to give birth twice while shackled and brutally beating

The attorney of the husband accused of enslaving his wife for ten years, chaining her up and beating her in a brutal catalogue of abuse has claimed that someone made up the allegations.

Employees at a rental store said that 43-year-old Stephanie Lizon, from West Virginia, hid from her husband, Peter Lizon, 37, while he returned a rototiller attachment.

She then went to a shelter for domestic violence victims, limping, gaunt, filthy and covered in scars, including a burn scar shaped like a clothing iron, according to police documents.

But Shawn Bayliss, Peter Lizon's attorney, said the allegations are 'the fabrication of a fertile imagination or a feeble mind, one of the two'.

'The alleged victim didn't make these accusations. It was a third party,' Mr Bayliss said. 'Stephanie would say this story is absolutely untrue, and the charges levied against her husband are blatantly false.'

He said today that he was in contact with Stephanie Lizon but did not immediately make her available for an interview.

The details of the alleged abuse came out after Stephanie fled from the couple's Leroy home on July 2 in Parkersburg, which is about 50 miles north, along Interstate 77. Read More