Wednesday, July 18, 2012

omes of two innocent neighbours raided by drugs police until they finally get the right one - when dealer pops out from next door and confesses

Bungling police officers managed to smash into the homes of two innocent neighbours during a daylight raid until they finally arrested the right man when he popped out of the next house along to see what all the commotion was about.

The farcical situation unfolded as officers from the Avon and Somerset Police force carried out a raid in the Knowle West area of Bristol as part of a clampdown on drugs.

Police battered down the door of a semi-detached house on Wexford Road belonging to innocent grandparents Michael and Theresa Brown.

Their grown-up sons Lee and Simon were arrested before the bungling officers realised their mistake and rushed next door to break down the door of the Browns' neighbours.

But the riot police had made yet another blunder and the commotion on the street caught the attention of their suspected dealer just in time to stop the second property having its door kicked in.

He spared them further blushes by sticking his head out of his window to confess they were looking for him. Read More