Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New South Wales police prepare church cover-up brief

NSW police investigators are preparing to give evidence to prosecutors about an alleged child sex abuse cover-up in the Catholic Church.

A strike force was formed in late 2010 to investigate whether past and present church leaders had failed to report Father Denis McAlinden to police.

The Irish-born priest, who died in 2005, moved to the Maitland-Newcastle diocese in 1949.

In 2007 that diocese was forced to confirm McAlinden was a serial child sex offender who had targeted perhaps hundreds of girls aged four to 12 over four decades, Fairfax Media reports.

A NSW police spokesman said on Tuesday the strike force had completed its investigation.

"Strike Force Lantle is now preparing a brief of evidence to submit to the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions to review and determine whether charges should be laid," he said in a statement.

"The investigation has been both arduous and complex in nature and members of the strike force have proven to have been tenacious, thorough and dedicated to the task."

Strike Force Lantle was established in late 2010, in co-operation with the Newcastle City local area command. Read More