Sunday, July 22, 2012

Neil Ellerbeck who Killed his Wife Kate to be released after Just Serving 4 Years....Bankers Weak Justice?.

The well-preserved middle-aged man barely drew a second glance as he slipped quietly into the modest, three-storey block of flats on a private housing estate in the seaside town of Shoeburyness, in Essex, last Friday.

Casually dressed and carrying a holdall containing just enough clothes for a weekend stay, Neil Ellerbeck did not look like a wealthy banker who had once earned a six-figure salary and enjoyed a lifestyle to match.

Nor would a passer-by have guessed that this was a secretive, violently jealous man who had bugged his wife Kate’s phone and amassed 127 hours of tape recordings in a search for evidence of her infidelity. Or that when he found that evidence, he killed her.

At present, the 49-year-old former HSBC executive is an inmate at Blantyre House, an open prison in Kent. He is let out ‘on licence’ at weekends, in preparation for full release in November – having served just half of the eight years to which he was sentenced in 2009 for killing 46-year-old Kate a year earlier.

After a trial that received a great deal of coverage, Ellerbeck was convicted of manslaughter rather than murder, despite admitting that he had throttled his wife, the mother of his two children, during an argument.

The verdict caused her family great distress, an agony now compounded by the news that her killer is being set free after such a short time. Read More