Thursday, July 12, 2012

Laila Khan: Mystery of Bollywood star and her family who vanished a year ago is solved as police find SIX skeletons at Indian farmhouse

The remains of six bodies have been recovered from the grounds of the luxury Indian farmhouse of Bollywood actress Laila Khan, police in Mumbai have said.

Miss Khan, her mother Saleena Patel, and four of her siblings have been missing since February 2011.

A man understood to be her stepfather has reportedly confessed to the murders of all six members of the family.

According to police in Mumbai Pervaiz Ahmed Tak - who claims to be Mrs Patel's third husband - killed the family in a fit of jealousy over his wife's second husband, Asif Sheikh.

Mumbai's joint commissioner of police Himanshu Roy told reporters in India on Wednesday that Tak had led officers to the human remains, which were uncovered from a six-foot deep pit at the farmhouse in Igatpuri.

Mr Roy said three bodies were placed at the bottom of the pit and covered with stones and a blood-soaked mattress.

A further three bodies had been placed on top of the mattress and covered with more stones.

He said that while the identity of the skeletons could not yet be confirmed, it was 'reasonably likely' that they were those of Laila Khan, her mother Saleena Patel, her three sisters, and her brother. Read More