Saturday, July 21, 2012

David Burgess jailed for 1967 murder of two schoolgirls now found guilty of killing teenager a year earlier after taunting police to 'prove it'

A man who killed two schoolgirls half a century ago was today facing dying in prison after being convicted of murdering a teenager the year before - in the same village

David Burgess was found guilty of murdering Yolande Waddington after twice admitting it and then for years taunting police to 'prove it.'

He stabbed and strangled the 17-year-old children’s nanny before dumping her naked body in a ditch more than 45 years ago, in the sexually motivated crime.

The brute, who served more than 25 years for drowning one nine-year-old girl and slitting the throat of another in the same sleepy Berkshire village, thought he had got away with the 17-year-old’s murder after it went unsolved for almost half a century.

Burgess, now aged 64 years, was re-arrested last year after advances in DNA profiling.

The jury of seven men and five women spent five days deliberating before finding him guilty of Yolande’s murder.

The triple killer showed no emotion and stood in the dock with his arms folded as the foreman delivered the 11 to one majority verdict. Read More