Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Rises massacre gunman who killed 12 in movie theater 'was reclusive drop-out PHD student, aged 24'

The man who the Dark Night screening shooting spree was a reclusive student who dropped out of his neuroscience PhD, it has been revealed.

James Holmes, 24, had been studying at the University of Colorado's medical campus in until June this year.

Neighbours at university housing in Denver described Holmes as a recluse who kept himself to himself.

One student said: 'No one knew him. No one.'

Holmes - who had been working towards his PhD for a year before dropping out in June - had one song blaring from his stereo in the hours before the massacre and left the music on repeat in his booby-trapped apartment as he departed to commit the massacre.

His shocked mother confirmed that he was behind the massacre, telling reporters 'you've got the right man.

Holmes kicked down a door to the packed theater in Aurora, dressed in black and wearing a gas mask and bullet-proof vest.

He threw a smoke grenade and waited for it to explode before opening fire with four guns - an assault rifle, a shotgun and two pistols - and firing randomly into the audience. Read More