Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Danny Keogh and Conor Baker seriously hurt when their fairground carriage flipped from spinning ride

These are the first pictures of the two teenage boys seriously injured after their carriage on a spinning fairground ride broke off and flipped over.

Danny Keogh and Conor Baker, both 16, were on the spinning Mega Bounce Frog ride at Billy Bates Fairground in Leicester when the terrifying accident happened on Saturday evening.

One boy was catapulted into the air, while the other was crushed under the weight of the car.

Yesterday Danny was in intensive care and had surgery after suffering a broken arm, ribs and chest injuries.

Conor was treated for a broken nose and teeth.

Fairground-goers were horrified to see the accident on the ride, which was filled with children.

After the ride was halted, parents anxiously pulled their screaming youngsters from the seats. Read More