Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Danielle Reeves Jailed for just 4 years for leaving baby to drown in bath and then trying to blame death on her toddler son...claiming he was jealous

When her one-year-old son was pulled limp and lifeless from an overfilled bath, drunken Danielle Reeves screamed with rage and blamed those around her.

She lied to paramedics and even said her other son – aged only three – was responsible for the tragedy.

But as she was jailed for almost four years yesterday, the young mother of two had to face up to the fact that just one person was truly to blame: herself.

Reeves had left little Frankie Joe in the bath, with only his older brother Alfie for company, while she spent 45 minutes chatting with neighbours outside her home in Redhill, Surrey. She told one that she was ‘so drunk’ on vodka.

By the time the mother – a foul-mouthed, binge-drinking, cannabis-smoking 24-year-old – thought to check on her sons, the water in the bath was full to the overflow.

Frankie died in hospital four days later, the day after his first birthday.

Yesterday Reeves, who admitted manslaughter when she appeared in court last month, broke into choking sobs as she was sentenced. Read More