Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Couple ‘left their two children to bake in the back of their car as temperatures soared to 27C’

A couple left their two toddlers locked in a dangerously hot car as temperatures soared to 27C and went shopping.

Horrified police discovered the brothers, aged 20 months and two, 'sweating profusely' and distressed inside the vehicle, which could have been as hot as 33C.

Officers were about to break into the car after spotting the boys at 2.30pm last Thursday - one of the hottest days of the year - when the boys’ mother and father returned.

The two-year-old was crying and 'sweating profusely' while his brother was asleep, also sweating in the car, which had been parked in Imperial Park, Hartcliffe, Bristol.

PC Jerry Hilliar, beat manager for Hartcliffe and Headley Park, said: 'In this case, these young children were left unattended for nine minutes. Read More