Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Choice Jewellers Robbery: Burka Bandit wheeling a pram helps three accomplices gain access to jewellers to carry out raid

A robber disguised as a Muslim mother wheeling a pram is being sought by police after helping an armed gang raid a jewellers.

The man used his disguise to trick staff inside Choice Jewellers in Rusholme, Manchester, into unlocking the shop's security door on Sunday morning.

Producing an axe, he then wedged the door open with the pram so that his three masked accomplices - one armed with a sword, and another with a sledgehammer - could storm into the store.

CCTV footage taken from inside the shop shows staff reeling in terror as the gang run rampant, smashing up glass cabinets storing a hoard of jewellery.

They continue to loot gems even after the manager triggers a booby trap that fills the shop floor with dry ice.

The gang then flees outside - but the robber in a burka starts smashing the shop window with his axe in a bid to grab more loot.

The robbers eventually escape in a waiting black saloon car.

Greater Manchester Police today released footage of the raid as they appealed to catch the robbers. Read More