Sunday, July 22, 2012

Casey Anthony mistakenly identified as suspect after two women run over in Ohio library parking lot

She’s already the most hated mother in America, and now she’s been misidentified as the person responsible for running down two women outside an Ohio library.

Casey Anthony was pictured as the suspect who mowed down two women outside the Bellaire Public Library in western Ohio by a local NBC station. reported that WTOV9 originally posted a picture of Casey in court wearing a grey suit, accusing her of hitting the two women on Friday afternoon. By Saturday, the picture had been switched out for the station's logo.

WTOV-9 said that local police were not releasing names of any of the women involved, nor their conditions.

Locals flocked to the comment sections with their own speculations. One wrote: ‘She has been spotted in Ohio and most recently in Bellaire. Mail is being delivered to a Casey Anthony on Monroe Street. Wonder if she ran them over, or if someone tried to rid the world of a baby killer.’ notes that the station replaced the picture of Casey with their station logo early Saturday morning. Read More