Friday, July 20, 2012

Campers Warned Of Deadly Risk Of BBQs

There are stark warnings from the Gas Safe Register about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from barbecues.

It is estimated that 3.7 million Britons will go camping over the summer holidays, but new research shows a lack of awareness of the potentially fatal consequences of inhaling noxious fumes from gas and charcoal barbecues.

In the last year, seven people have died and 17 have been seriously injured as a result of the issue.

Forensic scientist Roland Wessling lost his girlfriend, 31-year-old Hazel Woodhams, last summer after a camping trip to Great Yarmouth ended in disaster.

After extinguishing their disposable barbecue, they tidied it away inside their tent before zipping it closed for the night.

When Roland awoke in the morning he found Hazel dead and himself unable to move or remember where he was.

"I could hardly move, I had an extreme headache, was dizzy and dehydrated. When I checked on Hazel, I immediately realised she was dead... it was very difficult, of course."

To add to Roland's horror the police suspected him of murder and arrested him in the ambulance as he was driven away from the campsite. Read More