Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman film premiere Death toll rises to 14 with as many as 50 Injured

At least 14 people have been shot dead at a Batman film premiere in Denver and as many as 50 injured, according to police.

A masked gunman shot dead at least 14 people and wounded another 50 others at a premiere showing of the new Batman movie in Denver, according to reports.

Local radio reported people running screaming from the Century Aurora 16 Movie Theater in a mall in the suburb of Aurora.

The gunman, reportedly wearing a gas mask, opened fire after the trailers had finished at two packed showings of "The Dark Knight Rises" and also set off a smoke or tear gas bomb.

Brenda Stuart, from 850 KOA Radio, told Sky News: "This started with a midnight showing of the new Dark Knight movie and the theatres were packed that were showing this movie. Read More