Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Beluga whale dies after getting separated from its mother during Alaska storm despite marine expert's round-the-clock battle to save it

A baby beluga whale, thought to have been only two days old when it was found stranded after a storm, has died despite round-the-clock efforts to save its life.

The male calf died at the Alaska SeaLife Center, where it was being cared for by mammal specialists from four different marine centres.

It was taken in by the research aquarium last month after it was separated from its mother following a storm in Alaska's Bristol Bay.

Officials at the centre, in Seward, Alaska, said the whale died in the early hours of Monday, a few hours after it became clear that its condition was declining.

They said the calf would never have survived for as long as it did were it not for the care that teams of experts provided.

It was believed to be the first baby beluga rescue in the US, at least since federal record keeping began in 1972. Read More