Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alexis Somers fears for her life after her doctor father who is suspected of murdering her mother is freed from jail after three years

The daughter of a former Utah doctor is living in fear because her father, who is suspected of murdering her mother, has been released from jail after serving time for fraud.

Martin MacNeill was freed from a Texas federal prison on Friday after serving a three-year sentence for fraud, forgery and identity theft.

But his daughter, Alexis Somers, believes the former clinical director of the Utah State Developmental Center, has got away with the murder of their mother.

Michele MacNeill's death on April 11, 2007 was initially ascribed to natural causes, but information supplied by the Alexis and her sister Rachel helped the medical examiner to change the results to suspicious in October 2010.

Authorities now say they believe Michele MacNeill was drugged by her husband, but they haven't been able to prove it.

Now Alexis wants her father brought to justice. 'It's really sickening to me,' she told Deseret News. 'I am back into this panic feeling, just really nervous knowing what he is capable of doing and now he is out.'

Randy Spencer, MacNeill's attorney, said the father 'adamantly denies that he did anything to harm' his wife. Read More