Sunday, July 8, 2012

Al Qaeda suspect 'travelled past Olympic park FIVE times in a single day despite ban by Home Secretary'

A terrorist suspect has been caught repeatedly near the Olympic Games venue.

The 24-year-old is said to have broken a strict ban imposed by the Home Secretary which prevented him from visiting the Olympic park development in East London.

He appeared in court last month charged with five breaches of the order after he travelled across London on a train line which passes close to the Olympic development.

The alleged breaches raise questions as to how he was allowed to enter such a sensitive area as a known terror suspect.

The man, who is of Somali origin - and known as CF - is believed to have tried to get to Afghanistan, allegedly for terrorist training.

He is also suspected of fighting for the Al Qaeda group al-Shabaab, responsible for thousands of deaths, including Western aid workers. Government officials claim CF attended a terrorist camp and fought alongside jihadists from al-Shabaab.

The Home Office says he is linked to a group of six British nationals who received terror training from Saleh Nabhan, the Al Qaeda leader killed in a raid by American Navy Seals in 2009.

CF is believed to be a potential suicide bomber and to have tried to recruit Britons to his cause.

According to court documents, the Home Office warned that CF wanted to ‘re-engage in terrorism-related activities, either in the UK or Somalia’ - and is ‘determined to continue to adhere to his Islamist extremist agenda’.

The alleged breaches, which took place in April and May this year, are the most serious security alert to hit the Olympic Park.

The disclosure comes after a week in which 14 terror-related arrests were made in Britain, including a white Muslim convert detained over an alleged plan to carry out a major terrorist attack. Read More