Thursday, June 21, 2012

Warren Jeffs 'ends cult's sex ban for 15 men handpicked to father ALL future children of his sect'

Deranged: In his latest command from a prison cell he will never leave, paedophile Warren Jeffs gave the names of 15 men chosen to father all children of the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church

Polygamous leader Warren Jeffs has issued a new command to his sect from his jail cell - the names of 15 men he has chosen to father all future children of his church.

The Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church leader is serving a 130-year sentence at Powledge Unit near Palestine, Texas, for systematic child sex assault and marrying underage girls.

Jeffs, 56, still has around 10,000 believers in the towns of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona.

Former FLDS member Isaac Wyler told Deseret News that the rules were explained to the congregation at a Sunday service two weeks ago.

He said: 'They said there had been 15 men delegated or designated by God to sire the new, special children.'

According to other reports, men who are not among the chosen few will have to remain under a 'no sex ban' that Jeffs demanded last year.

He declared that all marriages are void until he can return and 'seal' them.

The response from his congregation has been polarizing. For many, the ban on sex was the last straw. Families have begun fleeing the church - and after the latest command, it has been rumored that many more were planning to escape. Read More