Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten months on, most jailed rioters are back on the streets despite harsher sentences for those involved

Most of those jailed for their part in last summer’s riots have already been released.

More than 700 people imprisoned for burglary, violent disorder, theft and other offences committed during the five-day outbreak of lawlessness had been released by the middle of this month, official figures revealed yesterday.

Sentences for rioters were said to have been much harsher than those handed down to ordinary criminals.

However the latest data reveals many have been freed little more than ten months after the rioting and in some cases before the halfway point of their sentences.

One academic critic said most of the August 2011 rioters had been released in time to be on the streets for any potential trouble this year.

Only 692 people remain in jail for their part in the mayhem, or are on remand awaiting trial for serious crimes. Read More