Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Syria accuses US of encouraging killings‎

DAMASCUS Syria on Tuesday accused Washington of encouraging more massacres in the strife-torn country and of meddling in its internal affairs even as a top UN official said Syria is now in a full-scale civil war as President Bashar Al Assad’s military loses control of territory around the country.

“The US administration is pushing forth with its flagrant interference in Syria’s internal affairs and its backing of armed terrorist groups,” the foreign ministry said.

“US statements distort the truth and what is happening on the ground while encouraging armed terrorist groups to carry out more massacres... not only in Al Haffe but throughout the country,” it added.

The foreign ministry said US officials had made “exacerbating statements” against Damascus in parallel with “the escalation of violence by terrorists on the ground”.

At the United Nations, asked whether he believed Syria is in a civil war, UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous said: “Yes I think we can say that.

“Clearly what is happening is that the government of Syria lost some large chunks of territory, several cities to the opposition, and wants to retake control.”

“I think there is a massive increase in the level of violence, so massive indeed that in a way it indicates some change of nature” in the conflict, added Ladsous.

“Now we have confirmed reports of not only of the use of tanks and artillery but also attack helicopters,” Ladsous said.

“This is becoming large scale because the opposition also resists.” Read More