Thursday, June 21, 2012

Six big cats speared to death by celebrating Kenyans protecting their livestock in township

Six lions were speared to death by angry residents after preying on dozens of goats and cows in a settlement near the Kenyan capital's national park.

Herders in the small township of Kitengela, on the outskirts of Nairobi, ambushed the animals because they said they had been killing their livestock.

The group, who are mainly Maasai pastoralists, said about 28 goats and eight cows had been killed by the marauding lions in the last two days.

Francis Kasha, a livestock keeper, whose animals were killed in a previous attack says these types of incidents have been on the increase, forcing herders to find a solution on how to protect their animals.

'We have witnessed a great tragedy when lions come to eat our goats. This time they came at about 3.30am,' said Mr Kasha. Read More