Monday, June 4, 2012

Russian 'parkour' girl, 24, falls 17 storeys to her death after building jump goes horribly wrong

A 24-year-old plunged 17 storeys to her death during her first parkour lesson.

The accident happened when she was trying out the sport which requires participants to jump, climb and roll across buildings.

St Petersburg police said the woman, went up to the roof of the building with her older sister, along with four local men, who were apparently experienced in the craze.

The men demonstrated their parkour skills, jumping from the roof to the protruding eaves.

When they asked the two women to try it out, the older sister refused, but the younger woman accepted the challenge.

She ran, jumped and missed the opposite building, falling 17 storeys to her death.

The men then fled the scene.

It happened at apartment building No. 8 on Martynovskaya Street. Read More