Monday, June 25, 2012

Robert William White 'smashed a 77-year-old woman in the head with shovel' and claimed he was an alien who could talk to Jesus after taking Bath Salts

This is the stark-raving madman police say bashed a 77-year-old woman in the head with a shovel after he got high on bath salts, a terrifying new drug that's legal in most places.

Robert William White, 20, is pictured screaming 'God loves you all!' as police wheel him out of his apartment on Thursday.

Officers say White claimed was an alien and that we was speaking directly with Jesus Christ because of the drugs he took.

When the elderly woman approached White, he was swinging a shovel at birds.

'I hate you and I want to kill you today,' he told the woman when she asked him to stop, according to a neighbour speaking to the Glendale News. Read More