Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ray 'Forest Boy' Photograph Released by German Police

German police have released a photograph of the mysterious English-speaking teenager dubbed the "forest boy" who claims he has been living wild for half a decade.

The boy who calls himself Ray turned to authorities nine months ago saying he had lived in a wood in Germany for five years and did not know who he was.

Police in the German capital Berlin have sent a picture of the smiling, blond, blue-eyed boy wearing a green t-shirt and a gold necklace to news outlets in a bid to get to the bottom of the puzzling case which has made global news headlines.

They hope the image, taken in September, will prompt someone to come forward with information that will shed a light on the youth's past.

"Despite the extensive studies and investigations, the youth office and the Berlin Police were still not successful in identifying the boy who calls himself Ray," said a police statement, published in German and English.

"Who knows the person shown in this picture? Who can give any information about his identity? Who can give any information about the person's possible relatives?" Read More