Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Osaka killer tried to attack more people with knife he bought just before stabbing spree, Japan

OSAKA -- After fatally stabbing a man and a woman on a busy shopping street in downtown Osaka on June 10, the 36-year-old assailant was chasing down other pedestrians nearby in an apparent attempt to assault them, investigative sources have said.

It has also become clear that Kyozo Isohi, who was arrested at the scene on charges of attempted murder, had bought a kitchen knife at a nearby department store about 10 minutes before going on a stabbing rampage with the weapon in his hand in the Higashishinsaibashi district of Chuo Ward, part of a bustling area commonly known as Minami.

Because Isohi went straight to the scene from the department store after buying the kitchen knife, investigators suspect that he had already planned to carry out random assaults when he bought the knife and tried to attack other people in addition to the two victims.

According to investigative sources, "0:47 p.m." was printed on the receipt for the purchase at the department store of the kitchen knife. Isohi stabbed to death Toshi Sasaki, 66, a local restaurant operator, and Shingo Minamino, 42, a music producer from Tokyo's Higashikurume city, at around 1 p.m. that day. After stabbing the neck and abdomen of Minamino, who just walked onto the street from a parking lot, Isohi tottered about 40 meters eastward and started to stab Sasaki from behind. According to eyewitness accounts and other evidence, Isohi walked away from Sasaki briefly afterwards and started to chase other people who were running away while looking around on the street.

But immediately before Sasaki was killed, someone nearby shouted: "A street slasher! Run away!" Then, Isohi apparently gave up chasing the pedestrians as they were hastily fleeing. Read More