Monday, June 11, 2012

Nine injured in Ukrainian tram explosion after 'gunpowder carried by passenger ignites by accident' in Dnipropetrovsk

An explosion on a tram injured nine people in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk today.

Travellers suffered burns as they went through one of the central streets of the city - not one of the European soccer championship host cities.

Interior Ministry spokesman Volodymyr Polishchuk said the blast was caused by gunpowder carried by one of the passengers which ignited by accident.

Registered hunters in Ukraine routinely buy gunpowder to assemble their own rounds.

He said: 'The gunpowder ignited for some unknown reason. Either it was very hot or the man dropped it on the floor.'

There had been initial fears it was a terrorist attacks, as it comes just six weeks after four separate bombs were detonated in a series of coordinated blasts in the city. Read More