Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mitchell Elliott who hanged himself was facing nine fraud charges after BBC Watchdog exposé

A businessman was found hanged at his home as he was due to stand trial for nine counts of fraud after being exposed on BBC’s Watchdog.

Mitchell Elliott, 40, from Gloucester faced trial for fraud and deception after his appearance on the show had led to an investigation into his TV-aerial and satellite business.

A coroners inquest heard how further complaints in the aftermath of the Rogue Traders episode, aired in 2009, destroyed the business and drove him into depression and drink.

Mr Elliott had previously been given a two year suspended jail-term for forcing himself on a woman’s foot.

The incident occurred when he was the landlord of the Bugatti Inn pub in Gloustershire.

He was convicted of sexual assault in 2010 and after the attack became common knowledge trade disappeared and he was forced to sell the pub at a loss.

After a suicide attempt in 2011 his GP requested a psychiatric evaluation which concluded that he would not attempt to take his own life because of his children.

Elliott faced nine charges of dishonestly making false representations between November 17, 2009 and September 27, 2010, committed before his trial for sexual assault. Read More