Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Michelle Gaiser 'who plotted with millionaire lover to have his wife killed' now accused of trying to hire hitman from behind bars to murder HIM

The mistress accused of conspiring with her ex-lover to murder his wife in 2010 may still have murder on the mind, as she now stands accused of arranging a plot from prison to kill him.

Millionaire Texas attorney Jeffrey Stern's legal team made the startling accusation yesterday, reading a letter he claims was intercepted from Michelle Gaiser.

His lawyer, Paul Nugent claimed Gaiser, 39, is trying to recruit an inmate to kill Stern, 54, who is currently out on bail.

Nugent told ABC News: 'Michelle Gaiser - from her jail cell - has plotted yet another murder. She has solicited an inmate to murder Jeffrey Stern for $20,000.'

He added that it was her intention to make the killing look like a 'robbery gone bad.'

Gaiser, 38, is charged - along with Stern - of plotting to kill his wife Yvonne Stern three separate times within a six-month period in 2010.

Each of the attempts failed, but Yvonne was shot in the stomach by one of the would-be assassins.

Stern will go on trial next month for his alleged role in the hit on his wife.

He has confessed to having an affair with Gaiser over several years, but denies he was involved in any of the plots to kill Yvonne.

But despite the charges against him, Yvonne is standing by her man. Read More