Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marc Kirvin Jailed for stealing bag from grandmother as her decapitated body lay in road after hit-and-run accident

A sick sneak thief dubbed 'The Vulture' was jailed today for stealing a hit and run victim's handbag with £1,600 cash inside - as she lay decapitated in the road.

Marc Kirvin, 46, picked up the bag from the ground and and made off with it just four minutes after 62-year-old Sawari Ashraf stepped into the path of a 40 tonne lorry.

He later split the cash with a pal. Kirvin was arrested after police investigating the tragedy publicised CCTV pictures taken from a bus of him grabbing the black bag with gold clasp and also the dead woman's shoes.

Officers acting on a tip off went to house to find a haul of cash on his mantlepiece.

Kirvin told police he had been looking for work when they saw the bag and had taken the money because of 'greed' and added that he had planned to use the cash to take his wife on holiday. He said he had no idea Mrs Ashraf was lying dead in the road.

Today Kirvin looked shocked as he was jailed for four months after he admitted theft at Manchester magistrates court. Read More