Friday, June 22, 2012

Leprechaun Attack Seattle: Man left bloodied and screaming in pain after attack by 'bunch of leprechauns'

Just as the Zombie threat appears to finally be lifting it seems America could be at the mercy of an even deadlier menace.

A mob of vicious Leprechauns are carrying out punishment beatings in and around the city of Seattle, according to a man who claims to be one of their latest victims.

The pint-sized brutes were allegedly hopping mad after catching the man dancing with the wrong girl at a Belltown bar.

Officers arrived at the scene of a bar fight to find the man covered in blood and screaming in pain with his head held in his hands.

When officers asked who had attacked him, the man replied: 'It was a bunch of leprechauns.'

According to the victim the one of his assailants was wearing a white tank top.

There were no additional reports of any out of control merry jigs turning ugly or stolen pots of gold. Read More