Friday, June 22, 2012

Karl Lang accused of persuading the woman to strip naked during a séance as it would increase her spiritual powers

A self-styled psychic who persuaded women to strip to enhance their chances of contacting the dead told a client to perform ‘like a porn star’, a court has heard.

Karl Lang is said to have ‘brainwashed’ two victims into believing being naked would increase their spiritual abilities.

One of them, aged 26, told a court she felt ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ that she was fooled into taking part in nude séances.

Giving evidence by live video link to avoid seeing 49-year-old Lang in the dock, she said she had been desperate to make contact with her grandfather. Describing Lang’s alleged method of improving her spiritual power, she said: ‘To get stronger, he told me I had to do things that mankind was afraid of.

‘This meant I had to get naked and perform a bit like a porn star. He said the more outrageous I performed, the stronger I would become.’

The woman, who first visited Lang when she was 19, carried on the sessions for more than three years, during which time she was instructed on reaching higher levels of ability, described in terms of ‘levels’ and ‘colours’.

She said: ‘If you didn’t dance to his tune, all hell would break loose. Bad things would happen. I’d lose my colours if I didn’t do what he wanted.’ Read More