Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jiang Xiaoshan a football Fan in China dies after eleven nights of football

A Chinese football fan has died after going without sleep for eleven nights as he watched every single match of the Euro 2012 competition.

26-year old Jiang Xiaoshan died of exhaustion on Tuesday morning after reportedly staying up each night with friends to catch every kick of the European football competition, and then going to work the next day.

Following the final match of Group C, when Ireland took on Italy, Xiaoshan reportedly went back to his Changsha home at 5am, took a shower, and never woke up from the slumber he fell into.

While friends were shocked at the news of his death because he lived a 'relatively healthy life', sources revealed the effects of alcohol and tobacco, combined with chronic exhaustion, caused the weakening of his immune system that eventually led to his death. Read More