Monday, June 4, 2012

G20 'kettling' commander among 45 officers to be charged, Canada

Supervisor who ordered crowd to be boxed in acted unlawfully, report says

Misconduct charges are expected against 45 Toronto police officers involved in the G20 summit two years ago, including five senior officers, one of them the commander who gave the notorious order to "kettle" protesters.

A copy of an investigative report by the provincial watchdog agency, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, was provided to CBC News by one of the 37 people who filed complaints about their treatment during the kettling incident.

The report says some of the responsibility for detaining several hundred people for four hours in the rain goes all the way to the top, to Toronto police Chief Bill Blair and Deputy Chief Tony Warr, though it falls short of mandating charges against them.

But the report says operational responsibility lies with Supt. Mark Fenton, one of two Toronto officers who served as "incident commanders" during the G20 and had control of officers in streets. He is expected to face two charges: discreditable conduct and unlawful use of authority. Read More