Saturday, June 23, 2012

Egypt's army in control of vast business empire

Out in the desert to the east of the capital, Cairo, the Egyptian military has just finished building a massive new sports centre.

The resort is complete with a hotel and other facilities, including an impressive five-lane motorway, a flyover and a tunnel to ease potential traffic congestion on the way to a vast new suburb called "New Cairo", where the rich and powerful, including members of the ruling military council (Scaf), have luxurious villas.

The centrepiece is a stadium called "30 June", the date Scaf is supposed to hand over power to a civilian head of state.

The road leading up to the compound is decked with banners reading "the army and the people are one hand".

Once a popular slogan at the height of the uprising that toppled Mubarak last year, it has since been replaced with "down, down with military rule" in Tahrir Square. Read More