Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crews working to restore power after storm hits Western Australia

A number of homes have been damaged and crews are working to restore power to 7,000 properties following the third storm to strike the southern half of WA in the last week.

A house in Pinjarra lost its roof and another was badly damaged in Bouvard near Mandurah when a tree fell on it overnight.

Carol Coppin says she had to crawl out of her home.

"We were just sitting watching tv and the wind came up and [there was an] almighty crash and a big tree just took out the front of the house," she said.

"I crawled out through all these limbs and bushes, yes, very scary."

Gusting winds, thunder and heavy rain battered the south coast and the storm front then moved north and inland.

It hit the Perth metropolitan area around 9:30pm (AWST), bringing wind gusts of 107 kilometres an hour as well as heavy rain and thunder for most of the night.

Winds were stronger in the south-west with gusts reaching 113 kilometres an hour at Cape Leeuwin. Read More