Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Conflict in the South China Sea and India’s interests

On Friday, India's Foreign Ministry voiced its country's position on the territorial conflict between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea, and called upon both parties to exercise restraint and to resolve disputed issues by diplomatic means.

The dispute between China and the Philippines about the territories in the South China Sea cannot be considered a strictly bilateral conflict. In fact, it is a reflection of a new and growing trend connected with shifting the focus of attention of the world geopolitics from the Middle East region to the Asia-Pacific region. The essence of the conflict lies not only in China’s disputes with its neighbors (which happened with practically all of them) about different pieces of land and the adjacent water area. The underlying reason is that the major focus of world politics - the confrontation between China and the USA, which has long been discussed by specialists in international affairs – is entering an obvious, open phase, thinks Boris Volkhonsky, an expert of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies. Read More