Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chinese toddler dangling over 40ft drop plucked to safety by rescuer who scaled side of building to save him

This is the dramatic moment a Chinese toddler came terrifyingly close to a deadly plunge - after getting his head stuck on a balcony handrail while his parents were out.

The young boy had wandered towards a fourth floor balcony in an apartment building in Guangzhou, China, only to get his head wedged in the handrail.

But after exploring the view in his parents apartment, the boy's accident left his head jammed between the railings - and his body dangling perilously over a 40ft drop.

The dramatic scenes continued when neighbours below climbed up towards the boy to prevent him falling to his death.

A man dressed in a yellow t-shirt was spotted climbing up from a balcony below along window grid bars, before supporting the child with his feet as the infant tried to haul himself back indoors. Read More