Thursday, June 21, 2012

At least 14 animals drown at flooded Minnesota zoo as torrential rain ravages the Midwest

Found: The seal was found swimming in a shallow stream in a nearby road and taken back to the zoo

At least 14 animals have drowned at a Minnesota zoo after torrential rain ravaged the northeast corner of the state.

Keepers at the Lake Superior Zoo, which sits at the foot of a hill in Duluth, fear the actual number of drowned animals could be much higher as some cages remain entirely submerged in rain water.

All but one of the zoo's barnyard animals died in the flood, which claimed six sheep, four goats, one donkey, one raven, one snowy owl and one turkey vulture.

Amid the chaos, a polar bear escaped her flooded enclosure and needed to be tranquilised, while two seals were found washed up along nearby roads. Read More