Saturday, June 30, 2012

Andrew Oberle Fighting for his Life after being Attacked by two chimpanzee at the South African reserve where he was studying their behaviour

Stacey Johns a friend of Oberle's on Facebook, was hit in the head by a rock launched by Cozy. 'Cozy may hit people in the head with rocks but it's not his fault' Oberle wrote on the site

A University of Texas graduate student was left fighting for his life on Thursday after two chimpanzees pounced on him at the South African reserve where he was studying their behaviour, dragging him along the ground for more than a mile.

The mother of 26-year-old Andrew Oberle said that her son had been passionate about chimps since watching a documentary about famous naturalist Jane Goodall in seventh grade.

Mary Flint added that her son knew the risks involved in working with apes, and said that the attack would probably not stop him carrying out further research.

In a case that mirrors that of Charla Nash, a Connecticut woman, who in 2009 had her face ripped off by a 200-pound chimp, Mr Oberle suffered a ‘frenzied’ attack, in which he was bitten multiple times.

The beasts, named Mickey and Amadeus, grabbed him by his feet and yanked him down the road, under a fence and into their enclosure at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimp Eden near Nelspruit, South Africa, where paramedics were forced to wait for armed escorts before they could go in and treat him. Read More