Friday, May 18, 2012

Zou Mingcan halts £350m development with an arsenal of Molotov cocktails

Any developer with plans to build a multi-million-pound scheme in a housing area can expect to encounter the occasional gripe from a concerned local resident.

But few could have predicted the lengths that one hard-headed homeowner would go to in trying to stop the construction of a £350million luxury development in China.

Zou Mingcan has refused to make way for the scheme and has declared war on the builders by rigging his one-bedroom apartment with home-made weapons and booby traps.

The stubborn 70-year-old, who lives on the sixth floor, can often be seen standing on the roof in a military camouflage uniform.

He keeps a terrifying array of Molotov cocktails and pelts approaching developers with bricks and rocks.

In revenge, builders have crushed his car and left it flattened outside the apartment block in Kunming, Yunnan province, southern China.

Planners claim they warned Zou almost a year ago that the apartment block was scheduled for demolition as part of a huge expansion of the city's upmarket housing district.

But Zou has told them he will not move until he is offered more compensation.

'I used to be a builder so I know all their tricks,' he said.

'They won't get me out of here until they pay me proper compensation. Read More