Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yunnan Bombing: Official Version Different to Witness Reports

On May10th, a bombing occurred at Qiaojia County in Yunnan.
4 dead and 16 injured are the latest official figures.
Yet non-official sources have a different story of the bombing.
Local authorities claimed the explosion was done by one man.
Deaths and wounded have no less than 20.
At least 6 deaths had been covered up.
But local residents and on-the-scene reporter said it was a
suicide bombing by a woman protesting at official demolition.
The woman's one-year-old son also became a victim.

Latest news released on Weibo says the female's husband
was killed by local authorities doing the official demolition.
The tragedy occurred when the wife claimed her husband's
ashes. The real death toll is far higher than officials reported.

Netizen 'Tian You' posting reveals that the husband of
a woman surnamed Li died a few days after he was arrested.
Later, notified by phone to go claim her husband's ash urn,
Mrs Li went there with her child and an explosive pack.
Among over 20 casualties, more than 6 people died, said the
posting. However, the truth was covered up by the authorities.

On May 11th, Chinese Communist party (CCP) media said
the bombing was done by a male named Zhao Deng.
The CCP also reported that Zhao died at the scene with
the death toll a total of four persons.

Now huge numbers of postings have flooded China's web
world, demanding the authorities tell the truth. Read More