Friday, May 4, 2012

The Unknowns, steal codes from Nasa, the U.S. military... and the Jordanian Yellow Pages

Nasa and the U.S. military are among high-profile victims of a new group of hackers, calling themselves 'The Unknowns'.

The group, who professes to use its hacking abilities as a force of good, contacted a range of security-conscious firms and revealed a list of passwords and sensitive documents that they had plundered.

It is unclear whether the companies affected even knew that their security systems had been bypassed.

The Unknowns posted the names and passwords of employees at Nasa's Glenn Research Center, the U.S. Military's Joint Pathology Center, the European Space Agency, Thai Royal Navy, the ministries of defence of France and Bahrain, Harvard University and the Renault automotive firm.

Bizarrely, FoxNews also reports that the group targeted the Jordanian Yellow Pages. Read More