Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taliban tightens grip on Afghan schools

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- In parts of rural Afghanistan a fierce battle is going on between the Taliban and the country's government. And the victims in this battle, it seems, are school children.

Recently, the Taliban demanded the closure of some schools in two eastern provinces. In Ghazni province, the closure of schools was in retaliation for the government's ban on motorbikes often used by insurgents. In Wardak province, the Taliban has been a little more compromising, locals say, and has allowed some schools to open late after making changes to the curriculum.

"The Taliban are fine with us as long as we do what they want. They tell us what to teach and what not to. If we don't do what they say they have a representative who comes checking things," one teacher said. "They have increased the number of hours we teach religious subjects in a week and decreased other subjects like English. If we didn't, they would threaten teachers, and it is very much possible that they would close the school down." Read More