Friday, May 4, 2012

Spread of chemical weapons feared in Syria

(Reuters) - With an uprising in Syria loosening the grip of president Bashar al-Assad, world powers are worried that he could lose control of a secret stockpile of chemical weapons, giving militants access to deadly poison gas.

Syria is one of just eight states - along with its arch foe Israel and nearby Egypt - that have not joined the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention, which means the world's chemical weapons watchdog has no jurisdiction to intervene there.

Western countries believe that Damascus has the world's largest remaining stockpile of undeclared chemical weapons - including mustard gas and the deadly VX nerve agent - which Assad maintains as a counterbalance to Israel's undeclared nuclear arsenal.

The Syrian army is trained to use poison gas and, according to US and Israeli intelligence, can deploy it on long-range missiles. In a sign of growing concern, an Israeli factory was refinanced to ramp up production of gas masks to prepare for a possible attack, an Israeli member of parliament told Reuters. Read More

Note: If all else Fails mention the Chemical Weapons: Was starting to wonder when they were going to throw chemical weapons into the mix, nothing else has worked so I guess it was bound to come along sooner or later.

So now the rebels turned terrorist will add chemical weapons to there bombs and weaponry? I thought they were not well armed and prepared according to many reports? And surely the countries providing finances and weapons should start taking some responsibility for creating this dangerous situation?

Notice how they have attached the gas mask production in Israel to this story, you may remember we posted about increased production months ago (February 8th to be precise) because of the tensions, they realized they only had enough gas masks for half population of Israel.