Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sarah Ferguson Faces 'Secret Filming' Trial

A Turkish court has begun a trial against the Duchess of York for allegedly taking part in the secret filming of two orphanages in Turkey.

Sarah Ferguson faces charges of going "against the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy" of five children at one of the orphanages, state news agency Anadolu said.

If convicted, she could receive a maximum sentence of more than 22 years in prison.

The trial began on Friday but the duchess chose not to attend.

The court said she should attend the next hearing, Anadolu reported.

But the duchess's spokesman said he did not think she had any plans to go at this stage, and the next hearing may not happen before the autumn.

As the crime of which she stands accused is not a crime in the UK, she cannot be extradited, it is understood. Read More