Friday, May 25, 2012

Russia claims undercover U.S. agents brought down their new Superjet: Extraordinary claim about crash which killed 45

Spy sources in Moscow today made the astonishing claim that a US undercover operation may have sabotaged a new Russian Superjet plane that crashed in Indonesia two weeks ago.

The aircraft was on a demonstration flight aimed at securing lucrative orders when it slammed into a mountain killing all 45 passengers and crew.

'We are investigating the theory that it was industrial sabotage,' a GRU military intelligence source said.

The extraordinary Cold War-style claim echoes high-level allegations in Moscow that the US used powerful lasers to zap a Russian Mars probe seven months ago.

Other satellite launches - there have been half a dozen failures in the last 18 months - might be the work of US sabotage, raising the spectre of a sustained campaign against its technology by American secret services, it has been argued. Read More